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Look Out for Dry Weather

The winter is extraordinary DRY this year!

I generally have dried skin, but these days, look at my hands…. They’re parched and itchy, and the fingers are cracked open and bleeding….

They hurt… :~(

Hand cream would help, but…
I can’t put it on my hands.
If I did, the grease of the cream would come off on the drawing paper and repel the ink.

It’s not just hand cream, though.

When I work on the paper, I almost always put the gloves on so that paper won’t get any stain.

Oh, I cut out the finger portions of the gloves so I can hold my pen with ease.

Except the pinky, ‘cause that’s what directly touches the paper. φ(.. )

How do other writers deal with it, I wonder?

To battle with this dry season…?

Tsugumi Nishino