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From CyberManga artists in Japan


Konohana No.1: We’re doing blog.

Konohana No.2: Me…? Oh, no, I’m not good at those things…

Konohana No.1: We’re doing it.

Konohana No.2: Only if you let me put“now” at the end of every sentence.

Konohana No.1: I reject. No“now.”

Konohana No.2: But it looks pretty on screen, see, “now.”

Konohana No.1:….

Konohana No.2: How about “geso”?

Konohana No.1: OK, you’re doing it, you really mean it, hah!?

Konohana No.2: Oh, no, I’m not writing that. It does NOT look pretty on screen.

Konohana No.1: We’re starting, from today.

Konohana No.2: Well…, not today. I’m going to bed now. Gotta take out the trash tomorrow morning….

This is how we started our blog.

Oh, and about what word to put at the end of sentences, we’ll put whatever we feel like putting, so don’t go deep into analyzing that, nyo. (sorry, was it obsolete?)