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Hello! Manga Anime fans!

Posted on 2011/01/09

Hi, my name is Kohei Nishino, a manga artist in Japan and also a associate professor of Manga Department in Kyoto Seika University.

I create manga as a manga artist “Konohana Sakuya”.

Konohana Sakuya is the alias of the working partnership between two manga artists, Kohei Nishino and Tsugumi Nishino.

My English is not that good, I know.(^o^;)

But I would like to communicate with foreign manga and anime fans.

So if you would like, please help us.

If you can type Japanese, please post your comments in Japanese.

And if you translate other person’s comment, it would be really great help for us.

We really appreciate it.

Do you like CyberManga?

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Please post your comment.

We look forward to hearing from you!